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Sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind, conscious collective of women who hold a little light for each other in life.   It is NOT a “one way or the highway” approach to living consciously.  Instead, it is women across the globe, coming together to live their best and most honest lives, and to touch each other and the world in positive, meaningful ways. 

Sanctuary is a power house full of strong, gentle, heart-centered women who want to be part of something bigger than themselves, where together, we can access resources, practice self-inquiry, be vulnerable and share our true selves — all in the name of living our best lives and being a Sanctuary for ourselves, others and the world.   

Upgrades Available:

Coaching Upgrade ($1,665)

This upgrade is for the woman who has specific personal desires she wants to fulfill in terms of bringing more alignment into her life, work, health and relationships.

Retreat Upgrade ($2,297)

This upgrade is for the woman who is looking to add a deep dive of personal and spiritual work while on retreat at La Sagrada to the community experience.

Immersion Upgrade ($5,997)

8 women maximum, 3 month program, 1 virtual retreat, 1 in person retreat at La Sagrada, monthly private coaching — all designed as the ultimate upgrade, providing a fully immersive experience for you to make focused, deep and lasting life changes. Join an intimate group of women who are wanting to do this work together, support each other on the journey and find alignment, purpose and joy in life.

Please contact Britt at if you are interested in any of the Sanctuary upgrade packages.

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Please note that your membership is an annual membership.  There are no month-to-month memberships, only month by month payment.  This means that if you choose to cancel, your membership will continue through the end of the 12 month period for which you registered. Cancellations are required in writing and can be submitted to  You will receive a response within 7 calendar days, and your membership will be cancelled at the end of the calendar year for which you registered. Refunds will not be given for memberships not utilized. 

REFUND POLICY: Sanctuary is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Due to the nature of access to a wealth of programs, Britt has decided to not issue refunds.   This is a HUGE decision and a decision you must take with seriousness and personal responsibility.  Many of the biggest decisions we make in life come with a “no refund” policy, and because we so very committed to ensuring that this program is robust, supportive and incredibly potent, we both go in “all in” with heart and soul and investment.   If you are sure about this, then this is the place for you. Any refunds, should they be necessary, are subject to a processing fee according to the credit card processing fee occurred on our end.

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