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Donate to CREATE BEAUTY... As you know, we have purchased a retreat center and women are arriving this weekend to help us make this space extra special, and perfect for transformational retreats and immersions.  That being said, we have a “list of things” that would help make this already magical place even more perfect for us to come together on retreat.   Things like new light fixtures, doors, snuggly linens for your bed and new yoga mats.   If you want to be a part of what we are building, and help us CREATE BEAUTY… Your class donation will go directly (100%) to materials and supplies.

The second way to pay forward your class is to donate to our PROJECTS of IMPACT.   This service aspect of our retreat center will begin in the heart of Guanajuato, and will be focusing on the expressed needs of our local community.  Together with women who have been servant leaders in the community for decades, we are identifying educational opportunities for young women to gain life skills, professional education, cultural wisdom and self-confidence that they might not otherwise access.  Our projects will also impact children by providing basic healthcare — focusing first on adequate nutrition and physical activity education.   By choosing to pay forward your class donation to our Projects of Impact, 100% of your offering will be applied.

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