Sanctuary 2024

Sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind, conscious collective of women who hold a little light for each other in life.   It is NOT a “one way or the highway” approach to living consciously.  Instead, it is women across the globe, coming together to live their best and most honest lives, and to touch each other and the world in positive, meaningful ways. 

Sanctuary is a powerhouse full of strong, gentle, heart-centered women who want to be part of something bigger than themselves, where together, we can access resources, practice self-inquiry, be vulnerable and share our true selves — all in the name of living our best lives and being a Sanctuary for ourselves, others and the world.   

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Welcome to Sanctuary :: A Message from Britt

Welcome to Sanctuary 2024. Start here, beloved.

Sanctuary Workshops

Find all of our workshop replays here. Replays are available within 48 hours of the live event and can be watched here at any time.

Sanctuary Guest Illuminaries

Replays of our Guest Illuminary events. Please check the Upcoming Events module for dates and times for our next event.

Sacred Circles

Small group “circles” will be guided by community members covering all sorts of topics, included but not limited to: family trauma, addiction and recovery, yogic teachings, world spiritual traditions, meditation, aging gracefully, healthy cooking, real life struggles and solutions. Learn about available Circles here.

Sanctuary Great Reads

Suggested monthly books with short reviews of the content of the book (cliff note style) 


Books, Handouts, and Bonus Materials for Sanctuary offerings. Updated regularly.

Suggestion Box

Suggest ways to make Sanctuary better or make recommendations for content, guest illuminaries, and more. Suggestions can be left anonymously!

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